ABC and AIA Aim an Eye to the Future

Ally WetheraldUncategorized

In late May, ABC and AIA met for roundtable discussions of critical issues, business strategies, and partnership building.
The event is part of the ABC/AIA Roundtable the two organizations established more than ten years ago. “Programs like this give the two professionals the opportunities to sit back and take a cool, more objective look at how architects and contractors work together v. the often harried approach that takes place in the midst of an active project.
A presentation by economist Anirban Basu outlined significant economic events of the last decade, and how successful companies found ways to overcome challenges and even thrive. He also noted substantial economic growth for contractors despite the challenge of a shrinking workforce.
After the roundtable discussions, group leaders presented their findings of how some had broadened their marketing approach, focused more on their work/life balance, shored up strategic partnerships, and invested in new technologies.
The meeting was a whirlwind of networking, information, advice, and best practices.
After taking a break during COVID, the groups agreed that they would like to return to the quarterly, smaller roundtable discussions they used to conduct. Out of those discussions, the larger events were planned. To find out more, contact Mike Henderson with ABC at