Get 100 percent of Apprenticeship Tuition Reimbursed!


The Maryland Department of Labor has created a new fund that will cover 100 percent of the tuition cost of a first-year apprentice.

The fund is call the Related Instruction Reimbursement Program. The program allows Registered Apprenticeship sponsors and participating/signatory employers to offset the cost of registering new Registered Apprentices by allowing a reimbursement for the actual cost of Related Instruction up to a maximum of $3,000 per new Registered Apprentice, until program funds are exhausted. These funds are also accessible for Youth and/or School-to-Apprentices to utilize as a supportive service to pay any actual costs associated with becoming a Registered Apprentice.


To be eligible for the Related Instruction Reimbursement Program, an employer must:
A. Be a Registered Apprenticeship sponsor OR a participating/signatory employer with a Registered Apprenticeship sponsor;
B. Be in good standing with the State;
C. Register the Registered Apprentice(s) prior to any award being made;
D. Provide proof of payment for Related Instruction class(es); and
E. Pay the full cost of the Registered Apprentice’s Related Instruction.

The Related Instruction Reimbursement Program only applies to new Registered Apprentices. Employers may not request reimbursement for previously registered Apprentices. 
The State will not reimburse an employer via Related Instruction Reimbursement Program funds if the business requires the Registered Apprentice to pay for training costs.


The Related Instruction Reimbursement Program only covers employer’s actual costs for Related Instruction, not to include costs paid by other grant funding streams, by the Registered Apprentice, etc. Related Instruction costs may include tuition, fees, and books. Food and drink are not allowable costs under this grant.

Application Submission

To apply for funding through the Related Instruction Reimbursement Program, a business must first complete the application provided in Exhibit A – Sample Application: Related Instruction Reimbursement Program. Eligible businesses should submit completed applications electronically to for consideration by the Review Team. To be considered for Related Instruction Reimbursement Program funding, applications must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the start of training. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling, first-come, first-served basis.

Related Instruction Reimbursement program for 100% – Year one apprentices only

Maryland Business Works for 50% rebate – All apprentices

Additionally, below is a link to the complete Policy Issuance outlining the specifics of the program.