Safety Professional Spotlight: Adam Brown, Wohlsen Construction


Name: Adam Brown, CSP, CESCO

Company: Wohlsen Construction

Job Description: Safety & Health Director

How did you get involved with ABC?
Wohlsen has been a long standing member of ABC and when I was hired in 2013, I joined the ABC Keystone Safety Committee. I am also a safety committee member of ABC Eastern PA and ABC Delaware and recently involved with ABC Baltimore.  I was asked to Chair the ABC Keystone safety committee in 2014 and am still serving in that role.  Committee chairs participate in strategic planning for the Chapter and I have been involved in scheduling safety forums, award events and outings.

What is your passion as a member of the Safety Peer Group?
I feel I am committed and passionate to identify improvement opportunities, networking with other contractors and sharing best practices. When I get involved with a group or organization, I try to participate as a motivated and passionate member to help others open and share information.

What are your goals for the future of the Safety Peer Group?
My goal is to develop a plan to work on specific topics to improve safety for everyone participating. Open discussion is critical and I have learned a lot but having goals and action items to obtain them will provide direction for the group.  Everyone should be invested to reaching the goals and helping the group be a success

What are your hobbies/interests?
Family time, fishing, sports, cooking and taking trips with my wife and kids.

For more information on the Safety Professional Peer Group, contact Andrew Cook.