´╗┐Blueprint Reading is an In-Demand Skill


If you work in the construction industry, you have a life-time ahead of you in learning about the various tools and technology at your disposal to use in your current job and as you grow in your career.

One area that is sometimes overlooked is the ability to read a blueprint. This is important for everyone on the job, whether it is as an apprentice working on drywall or the project foreman. In fact, it should be considered a fundamental skill for all people looking to make a career in the building industry.

As long as you have a basic grounding in mathematics and an elementary understanding of building components, then you should be able to take the next step in blueprint reading. A solid foundation in this skill can help you you advance in your career and bring more value to your employer.

What Is Involved

A strong introduction to blueprint reading equips you with a number of valuable skills. The basic skills include exposure to the following areas:

  • Construction drawings and their purpose
  • The ability to read and understand floor plans, sections and elevation
  • The components and organization of drawing
  • The symbols, notations and abbreviations found on plans

With these skills you will be able to quickly interpret nearly every blueprint you encounter. This will give you more confidence on the job site and allow you to take a lead role when the opportunity presents itself.

How To Learn Blueprint Reading

Take ABC Baltimore’s 3-day course! You can try to learn blueprint reading on your own, or hope to find an experienced worker to teach you the ropes, but taking a class is the surest way to become proficient. Another advantage of the class approach is it can be part of apprenticeship program throughout Maryland that offers on-the-job training, classes and a four-year program of graduation and certifications. Best of all, you can earn while you learn and increase your salary with new skills.

Where To Go

To learn more about blueprint reading, or any of our management training seminars, contact ABC Baltimore at 410-821-0351. The organization is the largest in Maryland to represent the commercial construction industry.