ABC Announces New Fringe Benefit Management System


ABC is pleased to announce our new Contractors Fringe Benefit Management System. Under this program, our members can manage all of the fringe portion of the scale wage under one management system. Health insurance, vacations, holidays, paid time off (PTO), apprenticeship and retirement will all be managed under one system, creating tremendous efficiencies while saving the contractor thousands of dollars in excess burden.

In addition, we are now able to offer specific Health Insurance programs, developed specifically for ABC members, that are designed to save considerable premium. These programs can be accessed directly through this site, which can bring direct premium savings, online enrollment and consolidated billing. 

Our Fringe Benefit Management System also provides specific coverage for those contractors performing State of Maryland work, and who may be out of compliance with the “NEW” State Health Care Act.

Our new arrangement is in partnership with the Warner Companies in order to provide complete administrative services and brokerage support for all aspects of our Fringe Benefit Management System.

Discounts are built into the various programs that directly affect ABC member costs. Our members have experienced savings averaging $2.50 per hour with our Fringe program! The addition of new Health Insurance options only increases the savings and provides additional service for our members.

For larger groups or specific health insurance questions, contact: Mark Kauffman, The Warner Companies at 410-252-0808.

For other issues involving prevailing wages, contact: Dick Asher, Director of Compliance and Regulation, ABC at 410-821-0351 x 111.

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