Project JumpStart Acts as Catalyst for Change in Cincinnati


ABC Baltimore’s Project JumpStart video with Mike Rowe, was the catalyst for necessary changes and growth in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Two years ago, the Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency and Ohio Valley Construction Foundation conducted a pilot project to determine if a career readiness program with a focus on the commercial/industrial construction would work to reduce poverty and increase community safety through employment of individuals with barriers from socio-economically challenged environments.

While conducting the pilot in Cincinnati, these organizations also studied and learned from the JumpStart program in Baltimore which has demonstrated a 10 year record of success. The ongoing program in Baltimore and the results of the pilot in Cincinnati warrant further investment in this effort.

Cincinnati’s pilot program had 15 participants enrolled and 14 completed it successfully. The graduates had a very impressive employment rate at 79 percent and a similarly impressive retention rate of 73 percent.

Beyond presenting just the facts/numbers, the Baltimore Project JumpStart video with Mike Rowe was shown to all members of Cincinnati City Council to “seal the deal” for another round of funding. The uplifting video won over the Cincinnati City Council, which led to more funding for this crucial project.

John Morris, the President of the ABC Ohio Valley Chapter hopes that the program will be very beneficial to Cincinnati and its citizens. Morris expects to fully fund a Project JumpStart type program in Cincinnati by late 2016.


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