ABC Explores HVACR/Plumbing Hybrid


Apprentices would graduate with HVACR License and would then sit for plumbing journeyman exam

Since the advent three years ago of more stringent licensing rules and oversight by the State of Maryland, there has been an increasing awareness of the need for plumbers to be licensed to work on HVACR systems.

ABC is working with the National Center for Construction Education and Research in taking the existing HVACR and Plumbing programs and creating a hybrid where, by the time the student graduates, they would have an HVACR license (which graduates receive) and then would also have the opportunity to sit for the plumbing journeyman exam.

Chris Hadfield, ABC’s Director of Education, says right now, the intent is to still offer plumbing and HVACR programs separately, but there would be a hybrid alternative for interested companies and students. The minimum hour requirement for each program is 144 hours a year. The student must have a minimum of 556 hours to graduate. “Right now, we don’t know how many hours we will need for this hybrid program,” said Hadfield. There is certainly some overlap between the two programs, particularly in the first year. We won’t know until we pour through all the materials and work with the instructors and curriculum writers.”

Companies who want to weigh in on this process, should contact Chris directly:; 410.821.0351 ext 101.