ABC National Urges President Trump to Rescind Pro-PLA Executive Order


ABC National urged President Trump to rescind an executive order by former President Obama, which encourages federal agencies to require union-only project labor agreements (PLAs), on federal contracts valued at $25 million or more.

In the letter to the new president, ABC President and CEO Mike Bellaman instead urges the new president to issue an executive order that would guarantee government neutrality in federal contracting.

Despite President Obama’s pro-PLA efforts, ABC was successful in derailing PLA’s on nearly 99 percent of the projects that were subject to the executive order. led a successful effort to the problems created by PLAs resulted in nearly 99 percent of federal contracts subject to his order being bid without a PLA mandate.

From 2009-2016, ABC members won $41.7 billion (63 percent) of all federal construction contracts exceeding $25 million in total cost.

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