Minimum Wage Hike Falls Short


Proponents now turn their attention to the State

On Monday, Baltimore City Councilman Pete Welch introduced a resolution to the Council which calls on the state legislature to pass $15 minimum wage legislation statewide a month after similar wage increases were unsuccessful in the City. This legislation was unfavorable for several reasons, one being the disproportionate wages between the city and the state if the bill passed. Currently, Maryland’s minimum wage is 8.75 an hour and will reach $10.10 by July 1 2018.

To pass this, the resolution would have to be enacted by the Maryland General Assembly and signed by the Governor. According to Welch, this higher statewide wage will ensure all Maryland state workers can share in the benefits of our economic recovery. ABC Baltimore opposes these accelerated rates that could greatly harm the economy’s recovery and state residents.

The City Council has made it a goal to raise the wages of city residents and were successful in placing wage requirements on the massive Port Covington project. Workers are required to be paid at least $17.48 an hour.