Board Member Spotlight: Rohit H. Patel



  • Company: Intelect Corporation
  • Job Description: President and CEO
  • How you got involved with ABC: As a member, I thought ABC was a great contractor trade organization. Intelect Corporation attended networking events, signed up for many of the skill training classes, and took advantage of discounts and benefits packages offered. I volunteered to make the organization better and in turn help our industry become stronger.
  • Your passion as a board member: My passion stems from wanting to make our organization strong. I saw ABC as an organization committed to improving the political, social, educational, and networking environment for all in the contracting business. ABC allowed me to channel my personal ideas through a dedicated group of professional and seasoned business owners to make a difference.
  • Goals for the future of ABC: I would like to continue to serve the needs of ABC members and the industry. ABC will continue to be the preeminent organization for builders and contractors in the country.
  • Hobbies and Interests: Socialize with friends and family, football, read and learn about technological innovations, innovate, national and international travel, chess, movies, music, and a whole lot more.