Board of Directors ‘Spotlight:’ Vic Victoriano



Company: Skillforce Inc.

Job Description: Director of Operations ¬â€œ I am responsible for the formation and implementation of corporate policies and strategies. I work to integrate those policies with our branches and formulate both short and long term strategies for our continued success and growth. I represent a bridge between our corporate side and our branches which are on the front lines every day.

How you got involved with ABC: I got involved with ABC back in 1999 when I got into the construction staffing industry. When we started Skillforce in 2003 the first thing we did was to join ABC. 100% of our clients are merit shop contractors, and as such it is incumbent upon us to support those contractors and the merit shop philosophy. What better way to do that to become committed and involved members of ABC?

Your passion as a board member: Workforce development and the protecting the rights of merit shop contractors. We have a vested interest in both, b/c they are critical to the success of our company. We need a deep and varied pool of skilled workers from which we can hire (as do contractors), and we want our clients to have equal footing when it comes to opportunities to perform work, either public of private, without the onerous burden of PLAs.

Goals for the future of ABC: I would like to see ABC become the leader in workforce development in the construction industry. Skillforce was proud to help start the JumpStart program back in 2006, and I would like it see that program continue to grow and expand. Ultimately I want ABC to be the organization that changes the perception that the only path to a “good” job or career is through college. Apprenticeship training and a career that starts in the trades provides opportunities that are just as rewarding as a college degree (and with less student loan debt). As a resident of Baltimore City, I would like to see ABC be an organization that helps to provide a real, meaningful career path and job opportunities to residents of our city who need them.

What hobbies/interests do you have?: My wife and I live with our daughter in the Canton neighborhood in Baltimore City. We are self-proclaimed “foodies” and on most weekends you can find us searching out a new restaurant or visiting one of our old regular haunts.