Construction Companies Could Become 680% Safer by Following These Best Practices


Construction continues to be one of the most dangerous industries in America. . Naturally, industry professionals were excited when an annual assessment showed that using STEP safety measures could lead to an 85% percent reduction in the occurrence of record-able incidents. This would cause the best-performing companies, that conform to STEP safety management criteria, to enjoy a 680% higher safety rate than the current industry average.

The STEP Program

When most people think of safety best practices on a construction site, they may think of safety goggles and hard hats. However, the STEP method involves a more holistic approach. STEP is a world-class safety management system founded in 1989. Over the years, it has undergone continual improvements to ensure it embraces all the new safety technology and measures available, as construction companies aim for a zero-accident rate. 

Participating in STEP is free and voluntary, and it requires organizations to maintain certain safety standards to receive a safety grade. Some of the safety grades include platinum or diamond. STEP initiatives included safety talks, investing in worker development, and introducing substance abuse programs.

The Findings

After more and more companies put STEP practices in place, ABC noted the following findings in its most recent annual assessment:

  • Daily toolbox safety talks proved to be the most effective safety measure, reducing the Total Recordable Incident Rate by 85%.
  • When executive leadership conducted a biannual review of their safety program, this reduced the TRIR by 59%.
  • Companies could reduce the TRIR by 57% through the analysis and resolution of trailing factors.
  • When companies implemented a formal process for annual assessments of their safety programs and used this information to improve their safety goal-setting, they reduced the TRIR by 48%.
  • Substance abuse programs led to a 60% reduction in the TRIR.

Many construction companies are committed to saving lives and keeping their employees safe, but have no idea where to start. They may also not understand that many of the reactive and more traditional safety methods are ineffective. To get better results, join the ABC STEP program today, or call us at 410-429-8671 to learn more!