Contractors Discuss the Future of Maryland CTE Programs with Kirwan Commission


ABC contractor members were given the opportunity to sit down with Dr. William Kirwan, former Chancellor of the University System of Maryland and chair of the Kirwan commission, to discuss the education system that has all but cast aside vocational education.

The Kirwan commission, established by the Maryland General Assembly, is about to make dramatic recommendations on education reform in Maryland that could have significant impact on the future of construction education.  

Last month, the commission presented a preliminary report that focuses on areas of improvement for public school including investing in early childhood education, transforming teaching into a high-status professional, ensuring all students are successful by providing significantly more support for children living in concentrated poverty areas, and providing both an academic and a career track for students so that no one graduates without the skills to get a job that pays a livable wage or go to college.  

ABC member companies voiced their concerns regarding the future of the state’s career and technology program.

Over the next year, the commission with develop legislation recommendations to advance construction education.

Senator Rosapepe has introduced two bills; SB588 and SB617 that would alter the state’s college and career readiness standard, restructure the state’s CTE program, and facilitate youth participation in apprenticeship and workforce development.