ABC Baltimore Remembers Bill Gough and Dave Brodie


“The construction industry has lost two significant leaders in recent weeks, both of whom were good friends of this organization.

Bill Gough, a Vice President of M. Nelson Barnes and Sons, passed away last month. Then, just last week, David Brodie, a Vice President of Wohlsen Construction, passed away.
I got to know Bill when I first came to ABC 25 years ago. Baltimore County had threatened to eliminate all of its construction training programs from the high schools. Bill called me and in characteristic fashion, wanted to know what I was going to do about it. Bill was passionate and funny and he cared for his people and the industry. Bill came to M. Nelson Barnes almost 40 years ago. He was almost always the first person I turned to whenever I needed help thinking through a particular challenge with our apprenticeship training program. He may be one of the most honest and forthright people I have ever met. I will always be grateful for his counsel and friendship over the years.
I got to know Dave Brodie shortly after he and his wife moved from Pennsylvania to Baltimore to help establish a foothold for Wohlsen in the Maryland market. Dave and Bill had a lot in common, even though I have no idea whether they ever met. Dave shared Bill’s directness and sense of humor. Dave was a member of the board of directors and, like Bill, was one of the first people I turned to get his take on any particular problem. I knew that I would always get the unvarnished truth from Dave. He never took himself too seriously. He was scary smart, but he was also a very humble man. And I can’t adequately express my gratitude for his counsel over the years.
The Brodie and Gough families are both planning a celebration of life in the near future, though no details have been released yet.”

– Mike Henderson, President
ABC Greater Baltimore