It’s a Great Time for a Career in Construction


The New Year has arrived and it brought with it great news for anyone currently in, or looking to get into, the construction industry. As 2019 gets underway there has been a surge of opportunity in construction with lower unemployment and an increase in projects offering opportunity for all.

Positive Growth in All Sectors

The growth in construction opportunity is the product of positive results across the entire industry, and is not being driven by one sector on its own. Residential building and nonresidential building are both up from the same time last year, and the same applied to engineering and specialty trade contractors as well. No matter what sector of construction you are looking to work in now is a great time to be in the market as business is booming everywhere you look.

Unemployment is Down

The surge of opportunity is helped by the strength of the economy presently, however construction is not merely riding on the wave of positive economic growth, as it is outperforming the national average. Although overall unemployment ticked up slightly in January, the unemployment rate in construction has gone down almost 1-percent from where it stood in January of last year. All of this is despite the fact that January saw a government shutdown which led to any contracting work with the federal government being put on hold. Continuing to grow despite this unusual hit is a sign of a particularly strong market for construction projects.

Opportunity is High

This rush of opportunity in the construction field is great news if you’ve been considering a career in construction. With so much work to be found it’s the perfect time to make the career change and get started in an expanding trade.

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