Kelly Schulz’s JumpStart Adventure


Kelly Schulz, Maryland’s Secretary for the Department of Labor and Licensing, paid a visit to ABC’s JumpStart class last week where she had the opportunity to observe the class and meet with a number of students. DLLR is a key JumpStart funder, along with a number of private foundations. To find out what happened after she left the class, let’s pick it up from her Facebook post:

Reason 42 why I love my job: visited a training program called JumpStart early this evening. I was moved by the dedication of the staff and students. All of the students have significant barriers to employment (criminal record, homelessness, drug addiction¬Â¦.) But all are looking to change their lives. I spoke to them. Told them to visit me when they graduate¬Â¦ I want to witness their license application!

Several hours later, while getting gas on my way home, I hear someone saying my name. He says, “Miss Kelly. You were just at my JumpStart class. I want you to know I will be seeing you in your office. I am going to take this opportunity because my family needs me.”

I love my job.