Inside Look at September GC Panel


Join us September 13th from 4:30 to 6pm for a panel discussion, which we are calling ‘Behind the curtain,’ where some of the region’s leading general contractors give a behind-the-scenes look at the pre-con process of selecting subcontractors.

Why should general contractors attend the event?

General Contractors will have the opportunity to hear, first-hand, how this important stage of the preconstruction phase is handled by other leading GC’s. We will highlight best practices and allow time for listening General Contractors to weigh-in on the discussion.

Why should subcontractors attend the event?

As a specialty contractor, bidding projects require a significant investment of time and resources. This discussion will give specialty contractors a glimpse into the world of the GC post bid and provide pointers on what bidders can do to remain appealing and increase chances of being awarded the project.

Who will be a part of the Panel?

Senior staff from Clark Construction, Commercial Group, Turner Construction and Southway Builders who are all actively involved with subcontractor procurement will be on this panel.

What will be the focus of the discussion? Why is this really important right now?

Construction activity in the Baltimore area is at the highest level we’ve seen for quite some time. As GCs and specialty contractors become increasingly selective of the projects they are willing to take on, it’s important for subcontractors to have a ¬Ëœbehind the curtain’ glimpse into preconstruction activity often unseen by subcontractors. GCs will also hear first-hand what’s important to specialty contractors during this phase and what can be done to ensure timely and consistent bids from these firms.