Learn to Give an Estimate for Commercial Construction


A project manager is the person in charge of planning and executing a given proposal. They help to define the scope of the proposal, develop a budget and time line, plan for the necessary resources, and document all that happens along the way.

Project estimators work toward the growth of a construction or manufacturing company. They involve themselves in the finances of a construction or development project. They gather proposals and specifications for the project, identify needed labor and materials, and analyze the total cost of the project against the proposed benefits.

Both project managers and project estimators share similar knowledge and personality requirements:

  • They need to be organized and efficient with time.
  • They need to thoroughly understand finances.
  • They must be able to evaluate different options.
  • They must be able to communicate well.

Attend ABC Baltimore’s project manager and estimator academy to learn how to prepare and organize an estimate for commercial construction. The course outline includes both an estimating section and a planning section.

Estimation and Cost

In this section of the course, learn to accurately provide an estimate for commercial construction. First, explore general condition costs, such as supervision at the jobsite and administration of the contract. Next, learn how to estimate detailed measurements of materials and labor needed for the project, referred to as quantity take-offs. After that, learn to use unit pricing and labor rates to give an accurate prediction of the cost of these necessities. Include an evaluation of the subcontractor and supplier bids, and finish by developing a comprehensive estimate that is organized to show individual parts.

Plans and Schedules

This piece of the estimate plays an important role in a project’s duration. Learn how to develop and communicate construction schedules efficiently and effectively. Spend a significant amount of time examining The Critical Path (an algorithm for scheduling a set of project activities) and Diagram Scheduling (the interaction of time, resources, and cost). Pulling it all together, you will learn to understand how to monitor the schedule and include it in the contract documents.

Whether you are just starting your career in the construction industry, or have been involved for a while, ABC Baltimore offers training programs and industry seminars custom designed by leading industry experts. We have an upcoming academy, on February 26th, specifically for project managers and estimators. Visit ABC Baltimore today or give us a call at 410-821-0351 to sign up!