Maryland Laws Going into Effect July 1


Minimum Wage

Maryland’s minimum wage will increase from $8.25 to $8.75. It’s the latest rise scheduled to take effect since lawmakers in 2014 approved incremental increases over several years from $7.25. Next year, it’s scheduled to rise to $9.25 and by July 2018 reach $10.10.

Gas Tax

Maryland’s gas tax will increase by nine-tenths of a cent to 33.5 cents. Legislators approved many increases in 2013, which also designated regular tax hikes to adjust for inflation. Maryland’s gas tax has gone up a ten cents since 2013, the year legislators implemented the increase from 23.5 cents, the first in 20 years.



The state will now follow an updated scoring system to prioritize its transportation projects. This change is due to the long debate between Governor Hogan and Maryland’s Legislature over transportation funding. The governor won’t be stopped from funding a project with a lower score than another, but he is required have to provide an explanation regarding the decision. The governor vetoed the bill, but shortly before the Legislature adjourned, they overrode his veto.