Meet abcCONNECT committee member: DeWitt Bauer!


Name: DeWitt Bauer
Company: Kevson Services Group
Job Title: Sales & Marketing Executive
Email Address:

DeWitt Bauer has been involved with ABC since 2004 and has served on numerous committees and leadership development programs including; the Events committee, the ABC Young Leaders, the Professional Development Program and, of most recent, the abcCONNECT committee. DeWitt’s goal for being on this committee is to educate member companies on the added value of being involved with ABC and how to utilize the benefits and programs ABC provides. For potential member companies, DeWitt is reaching out and explaining the opportunities to grow a business and a network of affiliates by joining the chapter.

Thank you, DeWitt for being an enthusiastic and driven member of the abcCONNECT committee.