Money Back to Members?! It’s True.

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ABC Baltimore could cover your 1st year tuition…

We are taking advantage of a Maryland Department of Labor program that reimburses employers for the tuition of newly registered apprentice students.  

In striving to serve ABC members, Chris Hadfield, Vice President-Workforce Development, has spent many hours perusing the Maryland Department of Labor site and learning the ins and outs of a certain State Grant process. As a result, the SAIR (Sponsor Apprenticeship Incentive Reimbursement) Program is available to all members who have enrolled certain employees in one of ABC’s Training programs.  ABC Greater Baltimore is the only Maryland organization to implement this cost-saving benefit for its members.

In conversations with competitors, Chris learned that many other organizations don’t have the time and manpower to organize and complete the application process which requires a separate form for each apprentice. The grant program offers up to $2,500 tuition reimbursement per each newly registered apprentice that goes directly to the employer. In 2023, Chris completed and filed 138 separate application forms that returned $263,000 to employers who had paid tuition fees. ABC members are indeed fortunate that ABC and Chris took on this project. In fact, Chris hopes this encourages more employers to enroll more of their workers in ABC Apprenticeship Programs. The result: more apprentices in the workforce that are better trained, and more employers saving money on their tuition.

Sounds like a win-win situation, right? For more information, click here.