School is Back in Session

Ally WetheraldEducation, Uncategorized

Recently, ABC’s Construction Education Academy kicked off the 2023-2024 Apprenticeship school year with Orientation Week. Over the course of the week, nearly 500 trade apprentices were warmly welcomed by the instructors and staff, who previewed what the students can expect in their classes and encouraged them on their way to their Journeyman’s license.

A complimentary Food Truck arrived to make the evening feel even more like a social event. Chris Hadfield, ABC Greater Baltimore’s Vice President of Workforce Development described it as a “soft start to their classes, where attendees get to meet their teachers and fellow students. And we make sure they know they can come to us at any time during the year with any questions or issues.”

Two new courses are available this year. The Academy has partnered with Harford Community College in hosting a Plumbing Program. At the college, apprentices can work toward earning their license while, at the same time, receiving college credits. Those credits can open the door to Journeymen taking their careers to the next level – perhaps going into construction management or even becoming mechanical engineers.

The second new program, the HVAC Controls Training Program, is in the pilot stage. Working with Facility Engineering Services, the academy has crafted a course focused on the increasingly complex technology of HVAC controls. The old-fashioned, single-knob type temperature controls have been replaced with state-of-the-art computer panels that can be activated remotely by a cell phone to manage multiple zones. Installation and maintenance of these panels calls for advanced computer skills. Because of this, contractors have been requesting a training program to address this area, and the Academy is looking to roll it out in early 2024.

For more information on enrolling students in future sessions, please contact Chris Hadfield directly at Or go to the website at and click on the Education link.