Annual Craft Competition Wraps Up

Ally WetheraldEvents

This past Thursday (Nov. 16th), 25 plumbers, electricians, sheet metal, and HVACR mechanics who battled it out to determine the best apprentice in their chosen craft. Congratulations to the following winners of the 2023 ABC Greater Baltimore Craft Competition:

HVAC – Shawn O’Neill of KTC Heating and Air Conditioning

Plumbing – Patrick Watson of Southern Mechanical, Inc.

Electrical – Cameron Schuetz of M.C. Dean, Inc.

Sprinkler Fitting – Saylor Jacobs of BFPE International

The winners will advance to the National Craft Championship in Florida in March!

The Competition was held at ABC’s Construction Education Academy. 4th Year Apprentices from four different trades were charged with completing complex projects within the three-hour time limit and under the watchful and discerning eyes of the project managers and competition judges.

The specific criteria used by the judges will include safety practices, the proper use of tools, accuracy of blueprint interpretation, and the timeliness of completion.

Donte Lee, ABC Greater Baltimore’s Director of Education, explained that the competitors get to this contest stage by way of a written test they took in 2022, which covered topics from the first three years of their trade’s curriculum.