Trade School Interest Levels Soar as 40 Local High School Guidance Counselors join Zoom Meeting to Learn More


Sharon Burley, ABC Greater Baltimore’s Programs Outreach Coordinator, sat down via Zoom last month with over 40 local high school guidance counselors to discuss college alternatives for students post-graduation. Sharon was able to talk about our Construction Education Academy trade school and apprenticeship opportunities. Immediately after the call, Sharon received multiple invitations to personally visit these schools or questions about hosting high schoolers at the CEA for tours.

Sharon focused the conversation on the students’ best interest, of course, but also the rise in career opportunities in the construction industry recently. She explained that the trade school (in partnership with CCBC) is a pipeline to success: offering students training and hands-on experiences, industry-accredited, skilled-trades certifications, and guaranteed job interviews with contracting companies, stating “if you’re willing to work hard, this is your accelerated path to a career – just in construction, but potentially in business ownership or management, or other higher level opportunities.”

To ensure that there are no roadblocks along the way, Sharon also discussed the programs financial and need-based scholarships in addition to the opportunities to get full tuition costs covered.

With specialities in HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Carpentry, classes open for registration soon, meet twice a week and allow students to seamlessly transition into working adults. From going to school to working full time, Sharon says “we’re here to close that gap.”

To learn more about ABC Greater Baltimore’s day-time trade school for post-high school students, visit or email Sharon directly at