Women in ABC Committee – Celebrating Women in Construction Week


The Women’s Committee of the Associated Builders and Contractors, Baltimore Chapter (WABC – Baltimore) is a staple of the construction trade associate. The group, comprised of over 20 leading women, is a shining example of women making a difference in the industry.

The committee is dedicated to encouraging careers and supporting the advancement of women in the construction industry. Its mission is to establish an environment for women to develop career-enhancing tools and relationships in the industry by offering professional development opportunities, networking events, and outreach programs throughout the Baltimore area.

Women in ABC offers benefits to women of all ages including a scholarship for young women entering the construction industry, jobsite tours, networking opportunities, educational panels, and fun get-togethers.

 “The most impactful thing that we do is offer a scholarship to young women interested in entering the construction industry. And no, they don’t just have to be going to college,” said Emily Rucinski with Hertzach & Co., former chair of the committee. “We encourage young women with all different types of aspirations to apply – if they’re entering the ABC apprenticeship program or applying to college to be an architect, we want to help.”

In addition to scholarship, each year, the group hosts ‘Professional Career Day’ for young women from area schools at a local jobsite. The day consists of job-site tours, female speakers that provide their perspective on working in the industry, scheduling activities, drone usage, and much more.

For ABC members, the group has recently shifted its focus to offering more networking opportunities. “We wanted a way for people to connect with other women and with men in the industry,” said Bonnie Cronin with Harkins Builders, current chair of the committee. “If we can offer an evening where committee members are able to make valuable, lasting connections, then we feel successful.”

If you are interested in joining the Women in ABC Committee, contact Ally D’Ovidio adovidio@secure.abcbaltimore.org.