Women in Construction Week – Britt Tegeler


Name and Company: Britt Tegeler, Tegeler Construction & Supply

Title: President

Years in the industry: 6 years

What made you want to join the construction industry? 

Women comprise only 9.9% of the construction industry.  Less than 1% of that 9.9% are in c-suite positions.  I never saw that as an obstacle, but rather as an opportunity to position myself uniquely.  I saw it as a chance to differentiate in a somewhat saturated market to gain a competitive advantage.

What does being a woman in construction mean to you?

It means challenging the status quo and societal norms.  It means breaking barriers.  It means changing perspectives, stigmas, and stereotypes.  It means growth for the female gender.  It means being a trail-blazer and creating opportunities for many female generations to come.

How can you help educate young women that may be considering entering the industry or that don’t know about opportunities in the industry?

I think the best and quite frankly only way to educate is to lead by example.  The best way I can educate young women is to SHOW them the way.  Every day I am dedicated to taking massive action in this industry to inspire, motivate and educate.