Women in Construction Week: Brittany Tegeler, Owner of Tegeler Source


WABC Member Spotlight Template:  Brittany Tegeler

Company: Tegeler Source LLC

Job Description: Owner and Managing Member of Tegeler Source. Tegeler Source is a Baltimore-based company that is MDOT MBE/DBE/SBE, DDOT DBE, Baltimore City WBE, WOSB, and SBR certified.  Tegeler Source has two divisions:

  • Material Supply Division: with trusted manufacturer relationships, we supply building and infrastructure materials to contractors up and down the East Coast for projects of all sizes.
  • General Construction Services: with a focus on interior build-outs across all industries in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

How did you get involved with WABC?
Through relationships and partnerships with existing members who suggested that engagement in W/ABC would be a valuable experience.

What is your passion as a committee member?
My passion as a committee member is to create a shift in how the industry is perceived, simultaneously and in tandem, bringing awareness to the opportunities that construction has for women.  Construction, as the most heavily male-dominated industry in the world, is often not a highly considered industry by women because of the perceived barriers as they relate to gender.  However, if more women like myself, can share experiences and realized success stories of how this minority position proved to be advantageous and a gateway to opportunity, rather than a disadvantage, I feel more women will be, at the very least, more willing to consider the industry.

What are your goals for the future of WABC and the construction industry?
We have such a strong female presence in Baltimore, thus we can and should leverage this to create the most impactful WABC chapter across all states.  The goal for our chapter is to create a model that other chapters utilize to build and create their own WABC chapters.

As of 2018, women make up only 9% of the construction industry world-wide.  Less than 1% of that 9% is leadership positions. My personal goal for the construction industry, as a whole, is to play a role in changing those statistics.  More specifically, I want to be a part of changing the amount of women that are in C-Suite positions within the industry because that’s what it will take for real change to occur.

What are your hobbies/interests?
After playing soccer at the University of Connecticut and studying Kinesiology, my greatest interest outside of work is exercise science, nutrition, sports, and training.  I typically always have some kind of athletic pursuit, which post-soccer, has included: professional arena football, bodybuilding, and most recently running in road races.