Celebrating Women in Construction: Brittany Tegeler!



Name and Company: Brittany Tegeler; Tegeler Source, a building, construction, and infrastructure materials supplier in Lumber Supply

Title: CEO/Managing Member

Years in the industry: 5 years

What made you want to join the construction industry? My father has always been exceptional in the way of construction. I have very fond memories of him building things with his bare hands, whether it was a new addition, a deck, a gazebo, a shed, an interior renovation , you name it. I found it fascinating. Years later, my uncle encouraged me to work for him, in the lumber supply business. At that time, I knew little to nothing about construction, but I soon fell in love with it.

Construction is the most male-dominated industry in the world, which pushes a lot of females away from it. However, this was the contributing factor as to why I wanted to not only stay in the industry, but continue to flourish in it. This does not mean disadvantage to me; in fact, it means quite the opposite- a glowing field of opportunity!

What does being a woman in construction mean to you? Being a woman in construction means everything to me. I could not be more proud. My personal mission in life is (and has always been) to empower young, aspiring females to become entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders with the ability to positively impact our communities. Tegeler Source is the ideal platform to leverage this, as a 100% women-owned business in a heavily male dominated industry.

How can you help educate young women that may be considering entering the industry or that don’t know about opportunities in the industry? I believe the misconception is that females in construction are at an automatic disadvantage and/or not taken seriously. I can only speak to my personal experience, but I have experienced quite the opposite.

I believe bringing a “different element” to the business has opened the door to opportunities that otherwise would not have been there. Further, I have had more men, who have been in the business 40-50 years, selflessly take hours on end to aid in my personal growth and education. Something (or someone) unique in the marketplace with a different perspective can (and does) drawl attraction and appeal. Those ingrained in the industry, men and women alike, want the industry to grow and evolve for the better; this inevitably means welcoming smart, aggressive, hard-working women in with open arms.