Women in Construction Week – Laura Eldridge


Name and Company: Laura Eldridge, LS Systems

Title: Sales Representative

Years in the industry: 1

What made you want to join the construction industry?

With a decade of experience representing technical solutions in the manufacturing industry, I developed an interest in bringing my skills to the life safety field. I’m now proud to contribute to the safety of emergency responders by working with contractors on solutions in new construction projects. Furthermore, the construction industry keeps my travel & relationships local, and enables me to be a part of a strong DC/Maryland/Virginia community through ABC and other industry groups.

What does being a woman in construction mean to you?

As a woman in construction, I’m aware every day that I’m one of many who is bringing a valuable perspective to a traditionally male industry. Knowing that I’m breaking the mold empowers me to do things differently and act boldly. I’m proud to be a part of an industry that is rapidly evolving to include the voices of women, and a company that values diverse perspectives.

How can you help educate young women that may be considering entering the industry or that don’t know about opportunities in the industry?

I want every young woman to know there are no limits to her life and career options. That she possesses a power beyond what most of us are taught we can access, and that she can break any mold and excel in the career of her choice. If we communicate this message to our children in schools and at home, I believe we’ll see more women in construction as the industry continues to evolve.