Hotel and Travel Savings Programs for Your Employees – New!


We’re excited to announce new hotel and housing programs for both members and their employees!  Our former Wyndham program was popular with many chapters, so we developed a stronger program in its place.  This is the 1st of 3 new programs we expect to launch this summer.  Details on the next 2 will be coming soon.

As part of this 1st offering, Travelers Haven and Hotel Engine are related companies each serving a specific market.  The specifics for each are as follows:

Hotel Engine – for stays less than 30 days

  • A private hotel booking platform
  • Access to 150,000+ hotels worldwide
  • Pricing in most cases is lower than well-known public sites
  • Available for business use and employees’ personal use

Travelers Haven – for stays longer than 30 days

  • Short-term housing for out-of-town projects – apartments, condos and residential housing
  • An average of 38% off typical short term rentals
  • Admin fee waived for each lease for members
  • Available to both companies and their employees

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